Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Version release. Xmas day release.

New Version release. Farmville Tools 1.3.13 Xmas Day release
Notes: Added the upcoming PigPen Friend Reward bonus type to building material. We also added a PigPen expansion link that resulted in a wooden board. Also added New Years 2011 fireworks under the rewards tab. This checkbox will be removed once Zynga makes the party barn storable. New items added to xml file
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Welcome to the Farmville Bonus Collector Blog

At Social Gaming Edge (SGE), our mission is to gain the trust of the social gaming community by creating and developing dependable up to date software applications that will enhance the experience of social gamers.
Our first product called “Farmville Bonus Collector” or FVBC will level the playing field for those that don’t have several hours a day to spend gaming like some of their neighbors do. Farmville Bonus Collector will automatically collect bonuses your neighbors post to your Facebook wall within seconds of it being posted.

We developed this product with you in mind. It all started when one of our founders was searching for a way to gather her bonuses without having to be at her computer all day long. She was so excited when she discovered a product claiming to do it for just $1! She purchased the $1 app and found shortly thereafter that $218 was fraudulently withdrawn from her bank account.
The Farmville Bonus Collector was created to make sure nobody gets “ripped off” again.

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